Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements


Acrylics are the most durable and longest-lasting products. We use high-quality products from Youngnails, Valentino, and CND.

Full Set: $60 Fill: $50 Extension: Short: $65 Medium: $75 Long: $85


An alternative to acrylics with almost as much durability. We use highly pigmented powder products with calcium and vitamins, which are odor-free. Dips can be used on nail tips or natural nails.

Overlay: $60 Extension: Short: $65 Medium: $70 Long: $75

Hard Gel

A structured gel manicure is a gel-based technique that focuses on restructuring the natural look and shape of your nails. The hard gel has moderate durability to help protect your natural nails from breakage.

Overlay: $60
Extended tips: Short: $65 Medium: $75 Long: $85


GEL-X is the latest nail enhancement trend.
• Recommended for clients who struggle to grow their natural nails and desire a lighter, thinner enhancement with moderate durability.

New Set: $65 New set with removal: $75 Fill: $55

Hybrid Gel

Gel enhancement with extended tips.
• Recommended for clients who are not hard on their nails and prefer lighter but less durable products.

Extended tips: Short: $55 Medium: $60 Long: $65